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With his sequester ax poised, Obama golfs and parties with Tiger Woods

February 18, 2013

The sequester signed into law by Barack Obama in 2011 is poised to fall on March 1, 2013. With the Republic steeled to take the blow, a carefree President Obama enjoys the weekend golfing with Tiger Woods on a secluded private golf course bathed in the Florida sunshine. Perhaps the President hopes to pick up a tip or two on how to swing, a particular characteristic of his vodka-swilling buddy.

One would think that a President who has signed a sequester bill into law would be especially concerned to minimize the adverse consequences for his flock. Nothing would be further from the truth. President Obama’s mind is occupied with identifying the worst possible consequences for the electorate that voted him into a second term. For Obama, sequestration has become a partisan game of political chicken, a game, however, in which he will not occupy either of the two hot-rod vehicles that career towards each other. Las Vegas Harry Reid and Golden Bridge Nancy Pelosi front-seat the one vehicle, while a chain-smoking John Boehner flattens the gas pedal on the other.

So while Congress plays out the Obama-game, Obama is making sure that Pentagon cuts will sideline the deployment of the aircraft carrier,USS Harry Truman in the Persian Gulf and will suspend the jobs-generating overhaul of the aircraft carrier, USS Abraham Lincoln. The President surely knows how to insult the names of his more famous predecessors.

Similarly, with respect to domestic cuts, the President is ensuring that his electorate will experience the pain of rising beef -steak prices, occasioned by the withdrawal of F.D.A. inspectors from the nation’s slaughter-houses. Will this impact the White House dinner table? Absolutely not. Will Obama spare vodka prices for the benefit of good ol’ Tiger? You bet!

It is all politics and it is all partisan in the Obama White House. It is an environment that would drive any normal person insane. And that tells us everything that we need to know. It should be the sum of all our fears.


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