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Chavez is dead: now send on another clown

March 6, 2013

It is customary in the West to laud democracy – in the sense of one man one vote in a secret ballot – as the palliative for all ills. But custom does not necessarily embrace common-sense. And what passes for wisdom too often is arrant nonsense.

When a so-called democracy comprises a majority of voters who, as a consequence of low IQ and/or a lack of education, vote through ignorance, and on the basis of emotion rather than reason, then democracy is a disease. It is a morbid disease that will ravage the most initially healthy of organisms. Such was clearly the case in Argentina under Peron, of Chile under Allende, and of Germany under Adolf Hitler. It is a disease that does not spare skin pigmentation, be that white, brown, black, or yellow. In that sense, it is an equal opportunity disease.

Democracy in Venezuela has proved to be just such a morbid disease. A significantly illiterate, impoverished, ill-educated and low intelligence majority pumped itself up with emotion and voted into its presidency a populist caudillo who had been reared on the rhetoric of Karl Marx and Simon Bolivar. Sitting on the world’s largest reserves of black gold, Chavez was able to initiate and effect one of the greatest economic declines in history of the planet, throwing away the inherited wealth of his people on political objectives that were as grandiose as they were utterly ludicrous and misconceived.

Well, now that a merciful nature has stricken Chavez down, one might think that she provides a second chance for the people that he so badly mis-served. Unfortunately, in a country ravaged by the democratic disease, the people will replace Chavez with another caudillo, maybe less crazy in his designs, but ultimately no less destructive of the nation’s wealth. Given recent developments in alternative supplies of oil, the West will have little reason to do anything but shed crocodile tears for a population so little fitted for the ballot box, and so overwhelmed by the rhetoric of Marx and national socialism.

Send on the clowns! That is the circus to which the Venezuelan majority has become besotted.


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