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When United States presidents blatantly lie

February 26, 2013

From kindergarten upwards children across the United States are taught to revere the presidency – to view presidents as akin to Gods. In itself, this reflects a terrible error of judgment about mankind. There are no Gods among men. All human beings are flawed and prone to moral failure.

Given the false adulation proffered by so many Americans to their president, serious repercussions follow when the supposed God blatantly lies to the people. For, if the Gods lie and those lies are exposed, honesty is debased across a wide segment of the population. And when a population at large feels morally free to lie, serious economic and social problems arise.

The first presidents of the United States – George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were well aware of this. They were justly revered as Founders of the new Republic, men who had earned true honor through courage and valor given to few individuals. Unfortunately, such a commitment to the truth has been gravely dishonored among more recent presidents – far less worthy of the position than those revered predecessors.

Richard Nixon lied blatantly about Watergate, was caught out in that lie, and ejected from the presidency. Ronald Reagan lied about Iran-gate, was caught out in that lie, and forfeited the remainder of his presidency to ineffectiveness. Bill Clinton lied about sexual misbehavior in the White House, was caught out in that lie, and ended his presidency in moral disgrace. Barack Obama lied blatantly about the source of the spending sequester, was caught out in that lie, and will suffer the consequences for the remainder of his second term.

Not one of those presidents considered the wider implications for American children of lying for their own perceived self-advancement. Shame on all of them, not least for the bad example that they set for their own offspring.


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