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Egypt on the brink of a military coup-d’etat

January 30, 2013

No where across Arabia has the Arab spring moved more quickly into an Arab winter of discontent than in Egypt. The successful Obama-supported insurrection against President Hosni Mubarak eventually and predictably propelled a corrupt Islamist government into power. This sequence of events has ignited the fury of secular Egyptian liberals who first attracted the support of Obama’s three witches – Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Samantha Powers – who in turn provoked President Obama into his ill-fated and singularly ill-thought -out intervention.

Now, following months of political paralysis and widespread rioting across Egypt, Egypt’s U.S. funded military has now threatened to intervene in order to restore ‘order’. Defense Minister Abdel Farrah El Sissi, who is also the commander-in-chief of Egypt’s armed forces, relayed the following message in a speech to military cadets:

“The continuation of the conflict between the different political forces and their differences over how the country should be run could lead to the collapse of the state and threaten future generations.”

The fraught, two-year long transition after three decades of relatively benign, pro-Western, authoritarian rule has frightened off foreign investors and tourists, thus depleting Egypt’s reserves to the point where they now cover only three months of imports. Negotiations with the International Monetary Fund for a $4.8 billion loan almost certainly will be scuttled by President Morsi’s loss of political control and increasingly virulent verbal attacks on Israel. President Obama – still under the influence of his three witches – has refused publicly to condemn Morsi’s increasingly aberrant behavior. The Egyptian cauldron continues to bubble:

“The White House and State Department, rather than criticizing Mr. Morsi, have urged Egypt’s opposition parties to take up his call for a national dialogue to help stem the violence. ‘We have been gratified to see the president and his government renew their call for a national dialogue to avoid further violence,’ State Department spokeswoman, Victoria Nuland, said Monday. ‘We call on all political forces in Egypt to avail themselves of this opportunity.’ This stance is increasingly drawing criticism from Washington’s Arab allies, as well as many Egypt analysts, who believe the U.S. is abetting a larger power grab by Mr. Morsi and his political party, the Muslim Brotherhood.” Matt Bradley, Ed Spindle and Jay Solomon, ‘ ‘Egypt is Warned of ‘Collapse”, The Wall Street Journal, January 30, 2013


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