Chuck Hagel should be rejected by the U.S. Senate

President Obama has nominated Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense in order to implement a second term foreign policy that promises to be even more dangerously inept than that of his first-term. An Obama-Hagel foreign policy will take the United States down a path designed to expose American cities to nuclear devastation.

There are three justifications for this assertion:

First, Hagel is an acknowledged enemy of Israel at a time when Israel faces an existential threat from Iran. With Hagel as Secretary of Defense, Israel will have no rational option but unilaterally to degrade Iran’s nuclear facilities. High-risk though such action will be, in its absence the State of Israel will be wiped off the planet.

Second, Hagel rejects any notion of eliminating Iran’s nuclear facilities. He believes in a policy of containment. Containment is not a feasible policy. Under an Obama-Hagel regime, Iran will possess nuclear weapons before 2016 and will disseminate those weapons across the al qaeda network.

Third, Hagel favors a significant unilateral reduction in U.S nuclear armaments. Such a policy, at this moment in time, is equivalent to the 1938 Munich agreement by Britain and France that sent a green light to Adolf Hitler to seize the better part of continental Western Europe.

An Obama-Hagel foreign policy would be the exact opposite of the foreign policy that I advocated in yesterday’s column. Shame on Obama for promoting such a policy of weakness. If the Senate confirms Hagel into office, shame also on the United States Senate.

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One Response to “Chuck Hagel should be rejected by the U.S. Senate”

  1. A6 Says:

    Alas, shame does not seem to be experienced in those two quarters.

    I think it went out during the Clinton administration. Once you are unashamed–on behalf of the head of your party–by fellatio during presidential business, and lying about it under oath and (violating the real American sacrament) on television, it’s probably pretty hard to summon a sense of shame later.

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